Capcom Fighting Evolution Coming On NA PSN Next Week

A new Capcom fighting game will become available next week on the North American Playstation Store. As soon as the store updated on Tuesday, players will be able to download Capcom Fighting Evolution as a Ps2 Classic.

The game has been originally released in 2004 as an arcade game, later ported to Ps2 and Xbox. The game features characters from Street Fighter as well as others from the Darkstalkers series and the arcade only game Red Earth.

One of the most interesting features of the game is that each character will employ the fighting system from his or her original game: Ryu, Bison, Guile and Zangief use the system from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, with two super combos instead of one, Demitri, Felicia, Anakaris and Jedah use the ES Moves and EX Specials seen in Darkstalkers, Guy, Karin, Rose and Sakura can use the same custom combos seen in the Street Fighter Alpha series, characters from Street Fighter III like Alex, Chun Li, Urien and Yun can use the parry system, multiple Super Art attacks and EX Moves.

Being a Ps2 Classic release, the game won’t probably feature anything new, just like the recent release of Capcom Vs SNK 2. It’s really a shame since these releases would really benefit from a multiplayer online mode.

Capcom Fighting Evolution will be released on September 16th on the North American Playstation Store. A possible European release has yet to be announced.