Grand Theft Auto 5 EU PSN Pre-Loading Option Delayed

Another bad news for gamers who have pre-ordered the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V from the Playstation Network Store has come in today.

The Pre-load option, which allows gamers to download the full game before its official release date, has been delayed, with downloads beginning on September 16th, a day before the official release.

This doesn’t really change much, since the pre-loaded version will only become playable on September 17th. Still, some gamers may have slow internet connections and not be able to complete the download before the official release date.

Grand Theft Auto V will feature three main characters for the first time in the series. The three characters will also have different abilities, make them better in specific situations. Thanks to the new characters, players will always feel at the center of the action during story missions and not have to go through some of the most tedious moments of the GTA gameplay experience.

If story missions aren’t your thing and you prefer to explore the world around you, you’ll have plenty of locations to discover, as the game’s map looks really huge.

Grand Theft Auto V will launch in North America and Europe on September 17th on Ps3 and Xbox 360. Other versions of the game have been rumored for some time but they haven’t been confirmed by Rockstar.