New Pokemon X & Y Screenshots And Trailer: New Pokemon

A huge batch of new screenshots is now available for Pokemon X & Y, the first 3DS entries of the successful role playing game series developed by Nintendo.

The new screenshots, which can be seen at the end of the post, showcase some Pokemon that have been recently revealed by the Japanese Magazine CoroCoro: Pyroar, Amaura, Tyrunt, Mega Garchomp, Meowstic, Furfrou, Frogadier, Braixen and Quilladin.

A new trailer has also been released today, showcasing the evolved forms of the new starter trio. The new trailer can be seen by going here.

Pokemon X & Y will introduce a lot of new features never seen before in the series like new battle types, special Mega Evolutions and more.

Among the many new features introduced by the new games is the all new Pokemon bank, a special 3DS app that will make transferring¬†Pokemon from one game to another easier than ever. Transferring older Pokemon into newer entries of the series has always been quite tricky but those days will be over soon: players will be able to upload many Pokemon to the bank and they will be able to access them from everywhere. The service will require a small annual fee to be used but it’s really a small price to pay, considering that the bank will be used for all future games.

Pokemon X & Y will be released on October 12th in both North America and Europe.

PyroarMaleVersionOfficialScreenshot3_thumb PyroarMaleVersionOfficialScreenshot2_thumb PyroarFemaleVersionOfficialScreenshot2_thumb PyroarMaleVersionOfficialScreenshot1_thumb PyroarFemaleVersionOfficialScreenshot1_thumb AmauraOfficialScreenshot3_thumb AmauraOfficialScreenshot2_thumb AmauraOfficialScreenshot1_thumb TyruntOfficialScreenshot2_thumb TyruntOfficialScreenshot1_thumb MegaGarchompOfficialScreenshot3_thumb MegaGarchompOfficialScreenshot1_thumb MegaGarchompOfficialScreenshot2_thumb MeowsticMaleandFemaleVersionOfficialScreenshot1_thumb MeowsticFemaleVersionOfficialScreenshot2_thumb MeowsticMaleVersionOfficialScreenshot2_thumb MeowsticMaleVersionOfficialScreenshot1_thumb MeowsticFemaleVersionOfficialScreenshot1_thumb FurfrouOfficialScreenshot2_thumb FurfrouCustomizationOfficialScreenshot3_thumb FurfrouCustomizationOfficialScreenshot2_thumb FurfrouCustomizationOfficialScreenshot1_thumb FurfrouOfficialScreenshot1_thumb FrogadierOfficialScreenshot3_thumb FrogadierOfficialScreenshot1_thumb FrogadierOfficialScreenshot2_thumb BraixenOfficialScreenshot1_thumb BraixenOfficialScreenshot3_thumb BraixenOfficialScreenshot2_thumb QuilladinOfficialScreenshot3_thumb QuilladinOfficialScreenshot1_thumb QuilladinOfficialScreenshot2_thumb