Beyond: Two Souls Getting A Playable Demo In October

Beyond: Two Souls, the latest game developed by Quantic Dream, will receive a playable demo early in October, as revealed by Sony a few hours ago.

The demo will be a generous trial of the game, featuring two levels taken from the final game.

Jodie & Aiden – join a very young Jodie as she takes part in an experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities. As officials put her abilities to the test, you take charge of a mysterious, invisible entity.

Hunted – skip forward a number of years and you need to help Jodie escape the clutches of government agents as the mysterious entity unleashes its truly astonishing powers.

The Beyond: Two Souls demo will be released on October 1st in North America and the following day in Europe. The full game will be launching just seven days after the demo becomes available in North America, on October 8th; the European version will be released on October 11th.

Beyond Two Souls features psychological, spiritual and thriller elements. The game will let players live through the life of Jodie Holmes and experience 15 years of her life, trying to discover the true meaning of the entity Aiden who has been with her for as long as she can remember.