Killzone: Mercenary Gets A Day One Update Patch

Killzone: Mercenary has been released in Europe today and it will become available for download later today as soon as the Playstation Store updates.

The game has also received a day one patch for the game that gamers will be able to download before starting the game. The patch is 1.2 GB big and includes stability fixes and performance optimisations.

Both the game and the day one patch will require 4.5 free GB on your PS Vita memory card so take this into consideration if you want to buy the digital version of the latest Killzone game.

Killzone: Mercenary is set right after the first Killzone game and it will allow gamers to revisit many events from the Killzone trilogy. Players will be controlling a mercenary called Arran Danner, a former UCA soldier who has no problems fighting for any side in war, as long as the pay is good.

For the first time in the series players will be able to fight alongside Helghast forces as well as ISA, taking on missions that regular soldiers cannot. As a mercenary, players will have a lot of freedom in deciding their own tactics and loadouts. A successful mission also mean new weapons and rewards.

Killzone: Mercenary will be released on September 10th in North America.