More Special Costumes For Lightning Returns: FFXII To Be Revealed Soon

As Final Fantasy fans surely already know, Lightning will be able to use a few costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII taken from other entries of the long running role-playing game series, like a Cloud Strife costume and another taken from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

As we have reported yesterday, Square Enix is going to hold a couple of special events during the Tokyo Game Show: one of the stage shows is going to be called “Final Fantasy Go There” featuring series producer Yoshinori Kitase. Square Enix has revealed that the show will be focused on Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as well as on the series as a whole, focusing on some of the cameos from past games that will be featured in the final game of the Lightning Saga. More special costumes will probably be revealed during the show.

Lightning is going to be the only playable character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This doesn’t mean that the gameplay experience and the battles are going to be dull and repetitive: thanks to the costume system and the new Paradigm Shift system, players will have a lot of different abilities at their own disposal. The whole gameplay experience will also have a more action feel since players will be able to jump during the exploration sequences and all Light’s skills in battle will be tied to different buttons.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be released in North America on February 11th and in Europe on February 14th on Ps3 and Xbox 360.