Tales Of Xillia New DLC Costumes Now Available In North America

Some new DLC packs are now available for Tales Of Xillia, one of the latest entries of the Tales Of role-playing game series developed by Namco Bandai and available exclusively on Ps3.

One of the unique features of the series is the possibility to change the characters’ costumes and slightly customize their appearance. While in previous games of the series players were able to collect these costumes by simply playing the game, in Tales Of Xillia most extra costumes are offered as extra DLCs.

Following the latest update of the Playstation Store, a new set of costumes has been made available: these new School costumes not only will change the appearance of the characters but also offer an exclusive battle theme. Each costume is available for purchase for 2.99$: unfortunately there’s no way to buy all the costumes in a single set.

To further customize your characters, Namco Bandai has released a few new Attachment Sets: Animal, Teepo Plushie, Front Hair, Tricorn Hat, Hero’s Swords. Each set costs 0.99$.

Tales Of Xillia is now available in North America and Europe. Western players will be able to enjoy two Tales Of releases next year, with Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles HD launching early in 2014, followed by Tales Of Xillia II.