Sony Has No Plans To Release A Ps4-PsVita Bundle

Last month we have reported that Sony was apparently working on a Playstation 4 – PsVita bundle, including both consoles together for a special price. This choice would actually make a lot of sense since the PsVita can be used for the Remote Play function as well as for other features found in the next generation Playstation console. This bundle was rumored to cost around 500$, a really good price considering that getting both consoles separately would make gamers spend more than that.

SCE UK head Fergal Gara has confirmed today, in an interview with the Official Playstation Magazine, that Sony has no plans to release an official Playstation 4 – PsVita bundle. At the same time Gara has confirmed that the Japanese company will have the opportunity to work with retailers to offer both consoles together.

Gara has also added that the PsVita price drop has been a timing coincidence: Sony is always working towards decreasing production costs and offer competitive prices on all the hardware produced by the Japanese company.

The next generation Playstation 4 will be released in North America on November 15th and in Europe on November 29th. There’s no release date available for Japan: Sony will most likely reveal it during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Official Playstation Magazine UK