Dragon’s Crown Receives A New Title Update: Improved Wizard And More

A new Dragon’s Crown title update has been revealed by Atlus which will introduce a good number of fixes and tweaks that will definitely improve the gameplay experience of Vanillaware’s side scrolling action game.

A triangle cursor will be added at the bottom of the screen so that other characters will become more visible. Dragon’s Crown is a hectic game and it’s not uncommon to lose track of your allies during some chaotic battle sequences.

Players using the Wizard will be happy to know that his overall performance has been improved, with a few tweaks introducing increased magic power and MP count.

The Amazon has also been tweaked: her Neck Breaker attack can now be cancelled and her Berserk level will go up after a successful parry.

The Multiplayer mode has also been improved: after the update, players will be able to advance in the story together if they’re at the same point. Players will also not be returned to town if any of the members of their party gets disconnected inside a dungeon. Another new feature will allow other players to join a game played inside the extra dungeon Labyrinth Of Chaos, made up of randomly generated floors.

Dragon’s Crown is now available in North America and Japan on Ps3 and PsVita. The European version will be released before the end of the year thanks to Nippon Ichi America. The new title update will hit the Japanese version of the game later today and it will soon become available for the North American one.

Source: Siliconera