Rumor: InFamous Game Currently In Development For PsVita

The inFamous series will be coming back next year with the third main entry of the franchise. InFamous: Second Son will be released in early 2014, featuring an all new main character called Delsin Rowe sporting an all new super power based on smoke. The game will also have many other improvements which will definitely enhance the gameplay formula of the series.

It looks like the Ps4 entry of the series will not be the only InFamous game that’s going to be released in the future. In a recent interview, Nate Fox of Sucker Punch, the team behind the series, when answering a question about potential spin-off games for InFamous: Second Son, revealed that he’d love to talk about any PsVita related titles when or if the time comes. He sounded quite flustered when answering this question, probably because he shouldn’t have said anything about a PsVita game.

Considering that InFamous: Second Son is still under development, we probably won’t hear about this PsVita InFamous game anytime soon, if it’s truly real.

InFamous: Second Son has been given a spring launch window by Sony, with a tentative release date set for February. The game was originally revealed as a Ps4 launch title but it was delayed right before the E3.

Source: VG 247