Kamiya would love to make Viewtiful Joe 3, Okami 2 and Wonderful 102

If you caught our coverage of The Wonderful 101 PAX Prime panel earlier, you may have read Platinum director Hideki Kamiya’s fascinating background of the game. But that’s not the only game he touched upon at the event, as he declared two sequels that he would love to make happen, given the opportunity.

While addressing audience questions, Kamiya stated that if Capcom gave him permission, he would love to make Viewtiful Joe 3 and Okami 2. He also asked fans for their ideas for The Wonderful 102, in case Platinum ever gets the opportunity to make it.

With the Viewtiful Joe series ending on a fairly disappointing note with the DS games and Okami sadly not getting the widespread commercial success it deserves, it might be a difficult feat to convince Capcom to revive both franchises; considering their general approach with financially waning franchises, such as the fiasco of the cancellation of multiple Mega Man games. Hopefully, though, persistence and passion from both Kamiya and fans can shine through and make this happen.

[Source: Nintendo Everything]