Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands Will Only Work In Five Countries At Launch

One of the most interesting features of the new Xbox One console is the possibility to use voice commands to access some of the console features by using the Kinect capabilities. Unfortunately voice commands will not be available for all countries receiving the console this year, as revealed by the official Xbox site.

Voice commands will only be supported in US, UK, Canada, France and Germany. All the other countries who are receiving the console before the end of the year, like Italy and Spain will have to wait.

As we have reported not too long ago, players living in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands will have to wait longer before being able to get the new Microsoft console: the Xbox One console will be officially released in these countries during 2014.

Microsoft decided to delay the console so that they could fully localize the Kinect voice control in all these different languages and offer players the full Xbox One experience.

Players not wanting to wait for the console to launch in 2014 may also choose to import it from the United States or from other European countries since both the console and games will be fully region free. Some online functions, like the regional Marketplaces, will probably not work until the console gets official released.

Xbox One will launch some time during November, costing £430 / €500 / $500.

Source: CVG