Azurite Blue Super Slim PS3 Releasing In North America During October

Earlier this year two limited edition special Ps3 models have been released in both Japan and Uk. The Azurite Blue and Garnet Red Ps3 Super Slim consoles were supposed to be limited edition consoles, coming with a special Dual Shock 3 controller. The only difference between the Japanese and UK models was the hard drive capacity: the Japanese console came with a 250 GB hard drive while the UK one had a 500 GB hard drive.

After many months, North American gamers will finally be able to buy one of these two special Ps3 models as revealed by Sony. The Azurite Blue Super Slim Ps3 will be released early in October as a Gamestop exclusive. Just like the Japanese version, the North American Azurite Blue console will be released with a special Dual Shock 3 and a 250 GB hard drive. The console will be sold for 249.99$.

We don’t know if this is going to be a limited edition or if the console is going to be available for a long time: better to buy it quickly before it becomes unavailable.

There are no news for a possible Garnet Red Super Slim Ps3 North American release. The Azurite Blue console will become available on October 8th.