The Witch And The Hundred Knight Confirmed For North America

After having confirmed the European release of one of its latest titles, Nippon Ichi America has also confirmed the North American release of The Witch And The Hundred Knight. Just like in Europe, the game will be released in early 2014. A precise release date hasn’t been given.

Nippon Ichi has also revealed that some things will be changed for the Western localization. The game’s name has lot a few knights, it seems, since the original Japanese name is The Witch And The Hundred Nights. The main character name will also be changed for obvious reasons, from Metallica to Metallia.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight gameplay experience features a massive open-world that players may explore freely once leaving the main character’s house, which serves as the game’s main base of operations. Even though the game has an open world, there are going to be different stages that once cleared can be explored again. There’s plenty of reasons to go back to already completed stages: players may be able to find paths to new stages as well as extra items. To be able to explore more areas, players will have to clear the darkness that engulfs them: however this will require a huge amount of GIGAcal, which can be replenished by eating. A few sub quests will also be available during the course of the game, with players having the ability to even turn down the villagers’ requests and attack them.

The Witch And The Hundred Knight will release exclusively on Ps3.

Source: VG 247