Ignite Engine lets EA ‘invest and innovate’ on a single code base

The real value of Ignite Engine isn’t its next-gen grunt but the fact that all of EA Sports’ development teams are working on it together, the company announced today.  “We actually shared a fair bit of technology overall across our sports portfolio. However, the versions of each technology and the investment that was being made for that technology was somewhat disparate across the various franchises.

EA Sports executive vice-president Andrew Wilson told IGN that development staff had always shared technology between projects, but that not everything was brought across.

“So FIFA could build something into physics, but Madden would never get it – because they were on a different branch of that particular code base,” he said.

“What we did this time [with Ignite] wasn’t so much about getting a single engine – although that is what has facilitated the fundamental shift we’re about to embark on – it’s we’re all investing in a single code base. So when you think about the multiplier effect you’re going to get in year two or three of five or six or seven different game teams, all investing and innovating on a single code base, and all that innovation rolling back into a single branch which they all start from the following cycle – that’s the real value of Ignite.”