Aksys Releasing Muramasa Rebirth In Europe This Fall

European Vanillaware fans will have a couple of nice games to play on Sony consoles in the upcoming months.

Dragon’s Crown won’t be the only Vanillaware game to get released in the upcoming months: Aksys has finally confirmed that they will be releasing Muramasa Rebirth in PAL territories during Fall. The game has been released in June in North America and many European gamers were fearing that the game wouldn’t be brought in their countries, despite the original Wii release having being released without any problem.

Muramasa Rebirth is the updated port of Muramasa: Demon Blade, released some years ago on Nintendo Wii. The game is a sidescrolling action game with some light role-playing game elements like item usage during battles, experience points and  leveling up, equipment pieces and more. The game features gorgeous 2D graphics which look even more beautiful on the PsVita screen.

Both available characters, Kisuke and Momohime, come with a slighty different moveset: they are be able to create and use different swords, each bearing a unique skill called Sword Art.

Some extra DLC scenarios are supposed to be released in the near future. However there’s been no word of them since the game was released in Japan. Now that Vanillaware is done with Dragon’s Crown, we can expect some news on the DLCs in the near future.