Killer Instinct Xbox One Releasing In Three Different Packs

The Killer Instinct new game developed by Double Helix will be released on Xbox One in the near future. It’s a shame that Rare is not the team working on the game but it’s still nice for fans to get a new Killer Instinct game after so many years since the original release.

The game will be released as a free to play title and today more details have emerged on how the game will be available for purchase.

Killer Instinct will come in three different packs. The first one is offered for free and it will only include one playable character. All the other characters will have to be bought, with each character costing 4.99$.

The second pack is called the Combo Breaker pack. Priced at 19.99$ it will include the first eight characters: six of these will be available at launch. Players buying the Combo Breaker pack will also have early access to the other two characters once they’re closer to release.

The Killer Instinct Ultra Edition will be priced at 39.99$, including the eight characters of the Combo Breaker as well character accessory packs, character costumes and the original Killer Instinct game. This will be the ultimate pack for all the true Killer Instinct fans.

Killer Instinct will launch exclusively on Xbox One on a yet to be revealed date. You can check out some new screenshots by going here.