Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles To Feature Tales Of Xillia Costumes

The HD version of Tales Of Symphonia included in Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles HD is going to include even more extra costumes than anticipated.

It’s been revealed today that three Tales Of Xillia costumes will be available in the game: Kratos will be able to use a Ludger costume, Zelos will have an Alvin outfit and Presea will be able to dress as Elize.

Just like the extra Tales Of Vesperia costumes, these costumes will be unlocked after the game is completed once. If you have a Tales Of Xillia save file, these will be available for use right from the start.

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles will include Tales Of Symphonia and ts sequel, Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World. The version of the first Symphonia will have some extras that Western players have never enjoyed before: the exclusive extras of the Ps2 version will be included like the extra boss fights at the end of the bonus dungeon, Mystic Artes for all characters, new Artes and more. Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World will be based on the European release, featuring extra head accessories and a few other extra features not available on the Japanese and North American versions.

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles will launch in Japan this October: the Western release is going to happen sometime next year. This HD collection is a Ps3 exclusive.