Killer Instinct Xbox One Gets Some Brand New Screeshots

A new batch of screenshots is now available for the upcoming Killer Instinct, the reboot of the fighting game developed by Rare and released many years ago on the Super Nintendo 16 bit console. The latest screenshots look really good and showcase the game’s graphical style, heavily influenced by comics. You can check out the new screenshots by going at the end of this post.

Rare is not working on this new version of Killer Instict: the reboot of the fighting game is being handled by Double Helix. The game will be launching as free to play title: players will only be able to use Jago as a free character. To use the other characters, newcomers and returning characters both, players will have to buy them separately. The price for each character has yet to be revealed.

The new Killer Instinct will use a more comic book inspired art style and be as over the top as the original release was. The game is also going to be pretty easy to pick up for newcomers and veterans alike, with a few flashy combo attacks that can be used without too many complicated motions.

Killer Instinct will launch exclusively on Xbox One on a yet to be revealed date.

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