Fable Legends Announced, Xbox One Exclusive Game

The Fable series is finally coming back with a new game that will be released on the next gen Xbox One console. Microsoft has officially revealed Fable Legends during its Gamescom press conference, showing the first trailer for the game.

This announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise since Microsoft registered a few domains hinting at Fable Legends. Still, this is definitely good for all role-playing games fans and Fable enthusiasts.

The first Fable Legends trailer, which can be seen by going here, shows a variety of characters living in Albion like wizards, warriors, archers and more. The trailer also shows some locations that fans of the series might expect to see like a forest and a castle.

Fable Legends is a persistent online title with four players co-op action fully supporting the Xbox Cloud services. During the game, one player will control the villain with a top-down view which will allow the player controlling the villain to place traps and enemies for the other players.

Fable Legends will be released exclusively on Xbox One. A precise release date for the game has yet to be announced so stay tuned for more: more details on the latest Fable title will surely be coming in the upcoming hours.