Monster Hunter Frontier G New Screenshots Now Available

Some new screenshots and artwork pictures have been released for the upcoming Monster Hunter Frontier G, the first MMORPG for the series originally released exclusively on Xbox 360 a few years ago and coming on Ps3 and Wii U in the near future.

The new screenshots, which can be seen at the end of the post, showcase some of the game’s action as well as some of the new weapons and armor sets included in the game. Monster hunting is serious business and getting the right tools for the job will be incredibly important.

The Ps3 and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter Frontier G will require a subscription fee to play while the actual download will be available for free. The Ps3 version will be getting trophy support as well as a beginner’s pack including various weapons and armors. The Wii U version will be fully compatible with the Gamepad and Wii U Pro controller and Capcom is currently testing possible features using both the 3DS and Wii U.

Monster Hunter Frontier G will be available for PlayStation 3 on November 20th and Wii U on December 11th. There are no news for a possible North American or European release of the game: considering the series’ popularity, there’s a good chance that the game will end up being released in the West too.

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