One Piece Unlimited World: Red 3DS XL Bundles Revealed

Namco Bandai and Nintendo will be working together during the upcoming months to bring two new special 3DS XL bundles: these bundles will be released together with the upcoming One Piece Unlimited World: Red, the latest One Piece themes action adventure game currently in development by Ganbarion. The game is part of the “Unlimited” series which has only been released on Nintendo consoles.

The two bundles will feature a special Nintendo 3DS XL and the game: you can check them out at the end of this post. These special 3DS XL consoles will be available on November 21st in Japan.

The whole Straw Hat Crew will be playable in the game, each one with his or her own peculiar abilities: Luffy will be able to use his rubber skills as well as his special Gear Second ability, Zoro will have a special aggressive mode which increases attack power but lowers defence,Sanji will be able to cook to support the rest of the gang as well as using his deadly kicks and Usopp will be able to snipe enemies from afar. Other characters will be geared towards supportive roles: Nami will be able to gather a lot of different items by stealing, Chopper will be able to create medicines to heal the party, Robin will use her archeology knowledge to find secret items and Brook will buff the party up with his songs. Franky will be a fully offensive character, sporting flashy attack techniques.

One Piece Unlimited World Red will launch on November 21st in Japan. No news are currently available for a Western release.

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