Rumor: Sony Working On A Ps4-PsVita Bundle

Even since the original unveiling back in February, Sony has constantly stressed how the PsVita will improve the Playstation 4 experience and allow gamers to use some of the Ps4 features, like the Remote Play feature, streaming Ps4 games on their own portable console. By doing this, Sony also hopes to improve the handheld sales all over the world. The Ps4-PsVita Remote Play is going to be a really important feature: Sony has revealed that it will be mandatory for all Ps4 games, with the exception of those games using Move or the Playstation Eye camera.

Some rumors have been circulating today revealing that Sony is working on a Ps4-PsVita bundle: this bundle should become available before the end of the year and feature both consoles. This special pack should cost around 500$.

If this bundle gets really released in the end, it would be quite good for gamers that haven’t bought the PsVita console and want to do so to use it together with the Ps4: a PsVita currently costs around 249$ and the Ps4 will cost 399$. It’s a great deal that will definitely make more than one gamer happy.

Sony has yet to confirm this special bundle: we’ll keep you updated as soon as something new comes in on the matter.