New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Trailer Released

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If you aren’t super familiar with Battlefield’s Battlelog it is okay, because if you were playing Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 there was probably very few reasons which would make you hop onto Battlelog and mess around with things on there when you could just do it inside of the game. It’s understandable. If you played on the PC, Battlelog is hardwired into your brain as it is the main launcher for all things multiplayer and sort of your hub. It had a good deal of features already and only promises to have more with the update for Battlefield 4.

DICE released a new trailer for the new features in the Battlefield 4 version of Battlelog today and it is quite impressive. There is a renewed interest in getting console players interested in Battlelog by making it a lot more friendly on smartphones and tablets with some new and improved features. Being able to use Battlelog as a minimap during your play session will also sort of give players a reason to have Battlelog up as they play Battlefield 4 and then use the features like changing loadouts or servers through the service.

Check the trailer out here.