Infestation: Survivor Stories Grabs Over a Million Players

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Oh Infestation: Survivor Stories. It is one of those games that will go down in infamy for PC gamers as a cash-in on last year’s super popular ArmA II mod, DayZ, and for how it has tried to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers numerous times. The latest laugh for Infestation: Survivor Stories is taking on the name Infestation: Survivor Stories, as it was originally called The War Z, but their copyright for the name was denied by the United States due to sounding like “some other property.” We are going to just go right ahead and assume that it might involve the Max Brooks book and Brad Pitt film of the same name of World War Z, but don’t quote us on that one.

Well, it isn’t all hellfire and brimstone for the ill-fated zombie apocalypse game with a 20 average on Metacritic, as apparently, they have over 1.3 registered users in their system right now, which is moderately impressive for a game that so many people claim to hate. According to OP Productions over 100,000 people log in daily to play the game, which makes for a decent number for a game like this. It probably won’t hurt that it has been on deep discount during the Steam Summer Sale and that the game had a new name that doesn’t carry that same taint that The War Z did.