Trouble In Tin Town

Trouble In Tin Town is a tile-based strategy game featuring armies of tin toys. Players can command the forces of up to three factions with different characters and strategies unique to each. Use a combination of ranged, melee and magic attacks to lay waste to any toy that dares to get in your way.

The story for Trouble In Tin Town varies for each campaign, but the general idea is that there are three factions of toys in the attic and they don’t always get along very well. Players get to choose which of the three campaigns to fight, each one with a different story and faction. Play as the Historicals, a group of toys made in the image of some of the world’s most memorable historical figures; or the Kandy Kingdom, a rowdy bunch of toys that aren’t quite as sweet as they look; or the Best Forgotten Island, a group of toys best labeled as miscellaneous.

Each of the factions in Trouble In Tin Town has a unique list of characters that can be called forth to battle. The characters are unlocked as the player progresses through the campaign for that faction. While players will recognize many of the characters from the Historicals, like Lincoln, Shakespeare, and Poe, other toys are just made up creations that may or may not seem familiar from childhood. All of the characters have their own strength and weakness based on the attack type that each character uses: ranged, melee or magic.

Taking out enemy toys in Trouble In Tin Town awards players with coins that can be used to purchase more of their own toy soldiers, saved for the next battle or used to upgrade the attacks of unlocked characters between battles. Once you’ve completed a level or battle, your stats will pop up telling you how long it took to complete that stage, the amount of coins earned, how many toys were purchased, how many enemies were destroyed and how many of your toys you lost. You can also set the difficulty of the next level before you begin.

There is a nice suggestion section in that lets players give their opinions right to the developers of Trouble In Tin Town. There are achievements to unlock and a note about an upcoming multiplayer. My favorite feature had to be the way that the environment of the stages could even be used as a weapon. There were ponds to knock enemies into, bee hives to stir up and use to boost an attack and more.

The comical storylines, cute and colorful graphics and the dated soundtrack of Trouble In Tin Town really help to push the title into being more than just another good iPhone game. This game will provide hours of fun to anyone who enjoys an easy to pick up strategy game.

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