Castlevania: ‘next one’ teased by Lords of Shadow 2 producer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 producer Dave Cox has recently hinted that Konami is looking beyond Mercury Steam’s game by stressing that the publisher has to make further improvements in the ‘next one’. He added that Mercury Steam will not be involved in the unannounced project at all.

Gamespot reports that during a Comic-Con roundtable interview, Cox said, “We have to really plan differently and do things differently. And we’ve made mistakes on this one, as well, which we’re going to hopefully improve for the next one. I think it’s a learning process and I think game developers are learning every day how to do things better.”

Confirming that Mercrury Steam is moving away from Castlevania after Lords of Shadow 2 is done, Cox continued, “I think if you’ve got something to say, you should just say it, and when you’re done, just shut up. And we’ve got something to say.  And once it’s out there…I think it’s time for somebody else; somebody younger, a younger producer to come in and take up the mantle and do what they think would be right for Castlevania and for us to move on to something else.”

He concluded, “I think Castlevania is a series that has evolved over the 26 years to what it is today and I think it’s in good shape right now and I think people will really enjoy the last one. There’s a lot of surprises and I think we’re going to deliver something unexpected.”