Age of Wonders 3 delayed into 2014, team needs more time

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Age of Wonders 3, the turn-based strategy RPG sequel to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic in development at Triumph Studios, has had its release delayed into 2014.  Originally slated for a fall 2013 release, the team had to push the game’s release back in order for them to finish putting the finishing touches on the ambitious project.

“When announcing the game earlier in the year we listed a projected release date of fall 2013,” the developer’s community manager Jimmy van der Have stated on the forums.

“We immediately got questions on this, whether this would be fall in the southern or northern hemisphere, and when pre-orders would start. “We’ve made great progress developing the game and feel now is the time to give you heads up that we will take a bit more time creating all the features and content.  Age of Wonders 3 is the largest game in the series and with the additional polish we hope we can give you an even better experience.”

The last game in the series was released in 2003, and Age of Wonders 3 will now be released during Q1 2014, which is quite a jump.  The anticipation for the game is pretty high, and I hope the game will be able to live up to it.