Atlus Parent Company Selling Operations – Releases Unaffected

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It should come as no surprise to those who have been following some of the woes of Atlus that their parent company, Index, is planning on selling off operations. Index has seen some rough times of late and was forced to go through bankruptcy proceedings in Japan, which are a little bit different than the ones that we see in the West, although that not different. To many gamers who know and love games that are published by Atlus, this can be quite worrying, but Atlus USA has assured fans that there will be no gap in service from them.

This means that operations of games to be published should not be affected in any real manner, at least that we as consumers would see. So don’t worry about Etrian Odyssey or Dragon’s Crown being pushed back or possibly canceled, as they will still see their targeted release dates. As for Index, they will be delisted on July 28th and bids for their assets will begin as early as next week. They will be all wrapped up by September or so, analysts predict.