Steam Summer Sale Day Nine; Skyrim, Monaco, Trials and More

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Just remember that the Steam Summer Sale is a marathon, not a race. It is not about scooping up as many games as you can and filling up your Steam library with cheap games. It is about picking up games that you’ve been actually wanting and will actually play, on top of taking advantage of cheap deals to discover new games. Today’s sale will indeed test your wallet if you missed the Flash Sales on some of these games. Today features the Skyrim: Legendary Edition, Monaco, Trials Evolution, Civilization V and Metro: Last Light. It’s really quite a day to be buying games.

Here are today’s deals.

  • Skyrim: Legendary Edition – 40% Off – $35.99
  • Awesomenauts – 66% Off – $3.39
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – 75% Off – $4.99
  • Metro: Last Light – 40% Off – $29.99
  • EVE Online – 75% Off – $4.98
  • Trials: Evolution Gold Edition – 50% Off – $9.99
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization V – 75% Off – $7.49
  • Monaco – 50% Off – $7.44
  • Train Simulator 2013 – 80% Off – $10.99

There is just a lot of awesome involved with today. If for some reason you don’t have these games and feel that you’d be into them just say yes, because each one is really a great game worth owning in their own right. The Steam Summer Sale hasn’t let us down yet.