State of Decay’s upcoming Sandbox DLC will test players’ survivability

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State of Decay’s Sandbox mode will task players will surviving the zombie apocalypse for as long as possible, according to Undead Labs.  The latest update to the developer blog indicates the Sandbox Mode won’t contain the storyline limitations, meaning that once resources are gone or a character dies – that’s all she wrote.   This means players will have to continue to scavenge until all supplies are gathered or used as the items will not respawn. Once all resources are depleted, they will have to move to another area, during you’ll probably lose allies.

“Survival means making sacrifices,” wrote the developer. “Will you bring your best friend, or will the auto mechanic need his seat? Will you load your pack with ammunition, or with medicine?

“You can’t be sure what you’ll find in the new valley, and your entire community stash won’t fit in the RV. In the end, the question of what you’ll bring might matter less than whether you can reach the RV at all. It’s like the zombies know you’re leaving — as the RV’s engine revs to life, they step up their attacks, and turn your own backyard into hostile territory. If you do get out, it will be by the skin of your teeth.

A PC versions is expected before the end of the year.