Expect The Division to Be Released Near the End of 2014

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The Division is one of the more promising games that has been shown off for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by Ubisoft, but has been given an ominous “2014” release date, which could mean just about any time during that calendar year. Finally, during a conference call today, Ubisoft gave a more accurate window of when to expect the open world RPG. According to Ubisoft, The Division can be expected by the end of 2014, which will most likely mean the Fall of 2014, as fall tends to be when bigger games are launched in anticipation for the holiday season.

The exact phrasing that they gave was still a bit vague, but “closer to the end than the beginning” sounds more like a Fall launch than Spring and most game companies avoid the Summer like the plague. So no need to hold your breath while waiting for The Division to be released, it is going to be a while.