Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate New Gameplay Details: 7 On 7 Fight Mode

It really looks like Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will be the best way to enjoy the latest entry of the Tecmo-Koei fighting game series, judging by the amount of new contents that are getting added into the upgraded version.

According to Famitsu, Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will receive a new game mode where players will be choosing 7 characters to fight each other: players can also fight the CPU in this special mode.

The game’s survival mode has also been upgraded: items will appear in the stages and you’ll be able to use them to recover health, increase your score and obtain other advantages. A total of nine items can be obtained in the new survival mode.

Together with the new exclusive additions created for this Ultimate version, Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will also be including most of the contents that have been added for the PsVita port of Dead Or Alive 5 called Dead Or Alive 5 Plus: the PsVita version of the successful fighting game came with extra training modes and moves and combos information, music customization options, exclusive DLCs and a first person view mode which was entirely controlled with touch controls.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will launch during Fall on Ps3 and Xbox 360 worldwide; the original game is now available on both consoles while Dead Or Alive 5 Plus is now available on PsVita.