Namco Bandai Trademarks New “Tales Of” Games

It looks like Namco Bandai is finally working on the next main entry of the role-playing game series Tales Of. The Japanese publisher has recently trademarked three new titles related to the series: according to some Japanese reports Tales Of Zestoria, Tales Of Creales and Tales Of Catastora are the registered trademarks.

There’s a good chance that none of these will end up being the final name for the next Tales Of game: Namco Bandai has a habit of registering multiple names before registering the real one. Still, the fact that these trademarks have been filed means that work has finally started and an announcement will surely be coming in the near future.

While Japanese players don’t really any new Tales Of games to look forward to at the moment, Western players are waiting for Tales Of Xillia and Tales Of Xillia II: the first game will be launching early next month in both North America and Europe, almost 2 years after the original Japanese release. Tales Of Xillia II has been announced for the West only a few days ago: the game will be released some time during 2014, after Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles, the HD collection featuring the two Tales Of Symphonia games, hitting North America and Europe early next year.

Source: VG 247