Ubisoft Has Already Some Ideas For Beyond Good And Evil 2

Beyond Good And Evil 2 has yet to be announced by Ubisoft but it looks like Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel has already some good ideas for the sequel of one of the most loved Ubisoft titles ever released. In a recent interview published by Eurogamer, Ancel states that the new game will expand on pretty much everything that made the first Beyond Good And Evil so good and compelling.

“We need to build the team and retrieve the elements that we worked on. I don’t want to say things in terms of time that will make people disappointed – it will really depend on the speed that we will make things for that game.”

Ancel has also revealed that a lot of things for the game are ready: the team has to now put them together and start actual development of the game. Ancel thinks that, if there would be any announcement, it will be sometime during next year.

It really looks like Beyond Good And Evil 2 is finally going to happen, since many people in Ubisoft want the game to happen: the time, however, has to be right for such an ambitious project. Ancel states that they now have the right team and the right tools for the job and this is definitely a good time to develop the game.

Source: Eurogamer