Grand Theft Auto 5 New Details: Main Characters And Settings

Some new gameplay details for Grand Theft Auto 5 have emerged today thanks to a new interview with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies: Rockstar wants to surprise gamers as much as possible, offering right from the beginning an intense gameplay experience.

“From the beginning, we want to show off the new game mechanics while creating intense, action-packed gameplay, to capture the player’s attention immediately.

Rockstar is able to do something like this with GTA 5 because the whole setting is slightly different than usual: the three main characters aren’t coming back to Los Santos after a prolonged absence. They all have their connections with people in the city and outside areas: this will give players a sense of immediate and total immersion.

To give players time to get accustomed to the three new characters, Rockstar has decided to not make all of them playable right at the beginning. Players will be able to get to know them individually before being able to switch between them at will. Some of the characters may also be unavailable during some story missions: depending on the plot, some of them may be busy somewhere else during a mission.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch for Ps3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th.

Source: CVG