More Pikmin 3 Screenshots Are Now Available

Yesterday we have reported that some new screenshots have been made available on the Miiverse Boards of Pikmin 3, coming soon in Europe and North America exclusively on Wii U. Today even more screenshots have been posted on the boards: if you don’t have access to Miiverse you can check them out by going at the end of this post.

Among the new gameplay features found in Pikmin 3, players will have the ability to have three different captains or leaders of Pikmin at the same time and switch between them freely at any time during play.

This will allow players to approach the game from a more strategic position. At the same time the amount of things needed to keep the Pikmin alive and on track has increased a lot, making the triple captains feature a necessity but also a way to improve the gameplay experience and make it deeper than in the previous entries of the series. This also explains why our beloved Olivar wasn’t in the spotlight this time: he will not be the only captain in the game.

Pikmin 3 will launch on July 26th in Europe and on August 4th in North America exclusively on Wii U.

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