Yoshinori Ono Talks About Ultra Street Fighter IV’s 5th Character

Ultra Street Fighter IV is the latest Street Fighter IV update to be released for the game: included with it are five new fighters, six new stages and a few tweaks that will balance the already existing characters. Some of the new characters have already been revealed: Rolento, Hugo, Poison and Elena, all coming from previous Street Fighter games. The fifth one will be an all new character and it’s yet to be revealed.

Yoshinori Ono, producer of Ultra Street Fighter IV, has talked about the new character this morning, confirming that it won’t be Asura from Asura’s Wrath nor Bad Box Art Mega Man. Ono decided to reveal this information because the other new characters have already
appeared in the cross over game Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will launch sometime during 2014 as a DLC release fully compatible with both Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. A precise release date has yet to be announced: it should be costing around 15$, as revealed by Capcom during the Evo 2013 last weekend.

Street Fighter IV and its updates are now available on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc. A portable version of Super Street Fighter IV is also available on Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Siliconera