US Government Considers League of Legends Players Athletes

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So Major League Gaming and eSports in general is finally starting to be taken seriously, which almost seems like a weird fever dream. Playing video games professionally seems like something that is almost too good to be true, but there are a select few players in games like League of Legends who actually do make a living by playing games, which is really quite incredible. What is even more incredible is that while we may call them athletes out of a lack of a better term, the US government considers players, at least League of Legends players, to be athletes.

League of Legends players coming to the United States from other countries will now be able to acquire work visas as athletes, making their lives a lot easier. It also helps to legitimize eSports as a whole to consider players as athletes. From what I understand it is just a technicality, as there lacks a better way to give them work visas, but the gaming world will take it.