Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z New Gameplay Details: Character Types

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z, the latest Dragon Ball Z fighting game currently in development for Ps3, PsVita and Xbox 360 has received today some new gameplay details. The team developing the game didn’t want to make a simple sequel to the Budokai or the Ragin Blast series: this is way the 8 players battles have been introduced, together with the four different character types.

The four character types are Fighting, Ki Blast, Support and Interference: Fighting types are good in close range, like Goku and Nappa; Ki Blast types are good at long-range attacks and move quickly like Vegeta and Piccolo; Support characters like kid Gohan and kid Trunks can share their energy during battle; Interference type are characters like Krilin and Tenshinhan who can actually prevent opponents from attacking team members.

It’s also been confirmed a few days ago that the game will include quite a few “what if” scenarios that will see some unlikely alliances between good and evil characters: it’s been hinted that Goku and Vegeta first meeting will be quite different from what fans of the series know in one of these scenarios. Another one will see Goku and his family fight at the same time.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z will be released sometime in the future on Ps3, Xbox 360 and PsVita. There are no news on a possible Western release but chances are really high thanks to the series’ popularity all over the world.