Infinity Blade: Dungeons canceled

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Epic Games has confirmed that Infinity Blade: Dungeons is not just “on hold” but cancelled altogether. We hadn’t heard anything on the sequel to the first game, which was really successful, and I’m sure most didn’t expect Dungeons to be cancelled. Thew news comes from Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard, via a recent Epic Games podcast.

“It was a concept that originated from Epic and was an idea that we were happy to support. But when the studio working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was canceled. That’s really all I can say,” Mustard said. Though the game is no more, that does not mean the Infinity Blade franchise is going away altogether.

“There’s more we at Chair are totally planning to do in the Infinity Blade universe,” Mustard added. “More games, more books, maybe even other products. And we are very excited about that.” With the Infinity Blade universe, I’m sure that the possibilities are endless for a more content, maybe even a console title. The game already looked like a PS3 or Xbox game, and it could make a great transition from touch controls to a gamepad. We’ll have to wait on Epic to make the next move however.