Microsoft Considering Allowing Indie Devs to Self-Publish

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There have been so many complaints from indie developers about Microsoft’s restrictive practices and policies when it comes to publish games on Xbox Live Arcade that it might have actually caused Microsoft to change their mind. You know, like they have on a dozen other things of late. It looks like Microsoft might be considering allowing for indie developers to self-publish their games on the Xbox Live Marketplace, which is a huge shift in policy for them, as they were rather restrictive in the past, levying huge fees upon developers.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be quality control involved, as there will be. There will be some sort of selection process, which has not been specified yet, which will help to weed out the unworthy games from Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace. There is even talk of making the dev kits a bit cheaper than the $10,000 that they are now. Let’s hope that this ushers in a new era for Microsoft and Xbox Live.

This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of this, but this is the most promising. [Source]