Dragon’s Dogma Quest New Screenshots, iOS Release Revealed

The upcoming free to play role playing game Dragon’s Dogma Quest, currently in development by Capcom on PsVita, has received a new batch of screenshots: you can check them out at the end of this post.

The news on the game don’t stop here today: Capcom has revealed that the game is no longer a PsVita exclusive, with an iOS version also in development. Actually, iOS gamers will be able to enjoy the game even sooner than PsVita owners since the mobile version of Dragon’s Dogma Quest will be releasing in a few days.

Dragon’s Dogma Quest is going to be an online only free to play 2D role-playing game featuring over 150 jobs. The game will also feature a fast gameplay experience, making it perfect to play on the go: players will be able to watch over the fights, issue commands and level up.

Players will also be able to explore dungeons and villages and take on a good number of side-quests. The pawn system will also be present, allowing gamers to take four pawns with them when exploring dungeons; four pawns taken from friends can also join you, allowing players to create a party of up to eight members.

Source: Siliconera

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