Ghost Recon Online New Update Now Available

Ubisoft has released a new update for Ghost Recon Online, the first entry of the Ghost Recon series to feature an online focused gameplay experience. The game is a free to play game requiring a Uplay account. The game is currently available on PC and a Wii U version should be released before the end of the year.

A new update is now available for Ghost Recon Online: included in patch 0.12.0 are a good number of Phantom-themed items, a new, big map and the usual fixes and tweaks. Here are the new features introduced by the update:

Enter the Phantoms

  • A faceless terror and new nemesis for the Ghosts of Ghost Recon Online, the Phantoms are mysterious and deadly. Witness the murderous rise of the Phantoms in the 0.12.0 Trailer – Enter the Phantoms. The Phantom Pack comes with sinister new armour, avatars and never-before-seen weapon variants in Phantom camouflage.

Biggest Map to Date

  • The latest and largest map in the GRO world: Xinyi District is set in Taiwan and is inspired by the famous tech corridor of the same name. The fans have spoken and the developers are listening. The new map incorporates a five-point capture system, where teams will need to capture and hold a linear series of five capture zones to dominate the match. Xinyi District is the first of a new generation of maps to use the new “Monster” lighting system. Now GRO can offer improved graphic quality, more realistic lighting for all resolutions, more balanced gameplay and high-res shadow effects without the high computing cost. Additional lighting improvements for all maps are in the works and on the way.

Improvements, Improvements Everywhere

  • Fine tuning, device enhancements and tactical movement changes are just a few of the latest gameplay improvements coming in 0.12.0. Players can also enjoy an array of cosmetic changes, from realistic shell ejection to the signature singe-eye AR displays.