Marvelous boss: Japanese and western devs can learn from each other

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There are things happening in Japanese games which are years ahead of the west, claims Marvelous AQL’s Harry Holmwood, who has also stated that there is an untapped market in Japan for western-made games. Holmwood stated in an interview that both major regions can learn from one another.

“It’s very easy to look at [Japanese] games and think they look alien, and to think that there’s nothing to learn from it, but I’m absolutely confident that there are many things that are happening in Japanese games now that people are going to do in the West in five or ten years time, or in some cases now, with huge success,” Holmwood said at the Develop conference in Brighton.

One of the key things western developers can learn, he said, is how to treat games as a service, and not just as a source for ongoing revenue.  “In Japan, at the moment, audience are still just thinking that consoles are their main gaming device,” Holmwood said.

“So this a big opportunity for us. I think in West, we’re very good at making tactile console experiences, but also tactile tablet and smartphone experiences, and at the moment in Japan, they’re kind of playing catch-up, because their legacy is coming from niche gaming, not from console.”