Fable Anniversary To Feature Fan Made Achievement

Fable Anniversary is the HD remake of the first Fable game, released on the original Xbox console a few years ago. This new version of Fable will be based on Fable: The Lost Chapter which features some extra contents not found in the standard edition of the game.

The game will feature a few new additions and reworked HD graphics, as well as multiple achievements, which are going to be tied to the choices and decisions players will take during the game: unlocking all achievements will require players to play through the game multiple times.

Lionhead Studios has revealed that the team will be accepting fan submissions for a custom, fan made achievement that will be getting included into the full game.

To submit your ideas you just have to go over to the Lionhead forums and post it before the end of the week: the top five suggestions will be picked by the team and later submitted to the public for voting. The winning achievement will be included in the game, with its creator receiving credit on the staff credits and a free copy of the game.

Fable Anniversary will launch later this year exclusively on Xbox 360.