Aliens: Colonial Marines To Get A Single Player DLC Campaign

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been quite a controversial release. The game has been in development for many years and, once released, it wasn’t the game Aliens fans were expecting, with Gearbox taking a good share of the blame for the game’s overall quality. Despite all the controversy, the game has managed to sell decently: if you’re among the ones who want some more contents, you’ll be happy to know that some details on the next DLC release for the game have been leaked.

This DLC will be the final one for Colonial Marines: the new single player campaign will be called Stasis Interrupted. This new DLC has yet to be official confirmed: however the Trophy List for it has been leaked so it’s pretty much confirmed. Most of the Trophies are related to the story progression so expect to see more Aliens action very soon.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is currently available on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc. The game was also going to be released on Wii U but SEGA ultimately decided to cancel the release of the game. We will keep you updated on the Stasis Interrupted DLC as soon as Sega and Gearbox release some new information on the matter.

Source: Eurogamer