Demon Gaze Releasing Next Year In North America And Europe

More PsVita role-playing games are going to get released in the future in the West. NIS America has announced that they will be bringing the dungeon crawler game Demon Gaze, developed by Experience Inc. and released back in January in Japan. This doesn’t really come as a surprise: the company trademarked the game in the West back in April.

Demon Gaze is the sequel of another dungeon crawler game developed by Experience Inc. a few years ago. The gameplay experience is split in two different sections: together with the dungeon exploration sequences players will be able to spend some time inside the inn, building relationships between the main character Oz and the other non playable characters.

The dungeons exploration sequences are going to be what most gamers expect from titles like this: a lot of monsters to destroy, traps to avoid and loot to collect, loot that can be sold for money inside the main town. One interesting feature is the possibility to change the game’s difficulty level even inside dungeons thanks to some special rooms found in the dungeons themselves.

Demon Gaze will launch on PsVita in North America and Europe sometime during 2014: it will cost $39.99 in North America and €39.99 in Europe.