Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Revealed

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have revealed today that the upcoming fighting game Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will be getting a rich special edition, at least in Japan. This special edition includes a lot of different goodies featuring some of the beautiful women of the game as well as some exclusive DLC codes.

The “Kasumi-chan Blue and Momiji Red Ultimate Package” are going to be offered exclusively on the Gamecity portal and they will feature a lot of contents: rich contents come with a price and these special packages are going to be quite expensive, costing around 247$. Here are all the contents of the special editions.

  • Game for PS3 or Xbox 360
  • Ultimate Sexy Costume Download Code 
  • Dead Or Alive 5 Original Soundtrack CD Volume 3
  • 12 “I’m a Fighter” 27.83″ x 19.69″ posters
  • Kasumi-chan 3D mouse pad
  • Kasumi special cards
  • Kasumi life-size tapestry
  • Kasumi bathroom poster
  • Momiji 3D mouse pad
  • Momiji special cards
  • Momiji life-size tapestry
  • Momiji bathroom poster

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will also be including most of the contents that have been added for the PsVita port of Dead Or Alive 5 called Dead Or Alive 5 Plus: the PsVita version of the successful fighting game came with extra training modes and moves and combos information, music customization options, exclusive DLCs and a first person view mode which was entirely controlled with touch controls.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will launch during Fall on Ps3 and Xbox 360 worldwide; the original game is now available on both consoles while Dead Or Alive 5 Plus is now available on PsVita.

Source: Dual Shockers