Pokemon X & Y Themed 3DS XL Announced

New special editions of the Nintendo 3DS XL console have been unveiled today: the two new units are going to be released together with the highly anticipated Pokemon X & Y, the latest entries of the series and the first main line entries to be released on Nintendo 3DS.

As of now the two new models have only been announced for Japan: the Xerneas and Yvetal Blue and Premium Gold models will cost ¥22,800. Included with the console will be a corresponding digital copy of one of the two games as well as a 4GB SD Card. You can check out these new 3DS XL models at the end of this post.

Gamefreak has revealed some of the new features of Pokemon X & Y some time ago: sometimes players will have to face multiple Pokemon during the same battle at the same time. During these Horde battles one of your Pokemon will have to battle up to five wild Pokemon all at once, making it different from battles with other trainers where you fight multiple Pokemon in succession. To help trainers win these battles, new multiple target attacks will be introduced. Winning these battles will also award trainers with a lot of EXP points.

The new Sky battles will also bring more variety to the gameplay experience: Sky battles are initiated only by some trainers and only Pokemon that can fly can be used in battle as well as some Ghost and Dragon types.

Pokemon X & Y will be released worldwide sometime during October exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon-X-and-Y_2031_07-04-13_001 Pokemon-X-and-Y_2031_07-04-13_003